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UNSC Rankings [Marines and ODSTs]

These ranks are lore accurate and have been confirmed by 343.


-Senior Officers-
O-10 General (GEN) [HIGHCOM senior staff]
O-9 Lieutenant General (LTGEN) [CENTCOM commander]
O-8 Major General (MGEN) [Task Force Commander]
O-7 Brigadier General (BGEN) [Division Commander]

O-6 Colonel (COL) [Brigade commander]
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) [Battalion commander]
O-4 Major (MAJ) [Battalion executive officer]
O-3 Captain (CPT) [Company commander]
O-2 First Lieutenant (1LT) [Company executive officer]
O-1 Second Lieutenant (2LT) [Platoon commander]

-Junior Officers-
WO-2 Chief Warrant Officer (WO-2) [Senior subject matter expert]
WO-1 Warrant Officer (WO) [Crew chief or army pilot]
OT Cadet (CDT) [No command authority]

E-9 Sergeant Major (SGTMAJ) [Assistant division commander, E-9 command career track]
E-9 Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGSGT) [Staff lead, E-9 technical career track]
E-8 First Sergeant (1SGT) [Assistant battalion commander, E-8 command career track]
E-8 Master Sergeant (MSGT) [Division administration, E-8 technical career track]
E-7 Gunnery Sergeant (GYSGT) [Assistant company commander]
E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSGT) [Assistant platoon leader]
E-5 Sergeant (SGT) [Squad leader]
E-4 Corporal (CPL) [Fireteam leader]

-Junior Enlisted-
E-3 Lance Corporal (LCPL) [Fireteam assistant]
E-2 Private First Class (PFC) [Initial assignment]
E-1 Private (PVT) [Boot camp and training school]

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