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Uninstalled, Deleted PERSCOM App and Data


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Hello all, just reset PERSCOM and deleted all of its data. We were all working on it simultaneously and it started becoming very hard to track whose doing what and whats done. I've decided that we need to start fresh with an application as complicated as PERSCOM.

I'll be creating a thinkboard and events showing the backend to enlisted that might have fresh ideas or understand the mechanics to it. We need more eyes, and fresh eyes at that to fully leverage this tool here.

As of now the apps already been deleted, uninstalled and reinstalled to our web server engineering side. This means that it is a fresh PERSCOM with no data in its database. I have created a new enlistment form for more information and one that reflects back to the prior one. This is by no means mandatory yet but it will be the new service record; logistical tracking system in combat, promotions and medals.

While no rosters are on here yet (rosters need to be created in order to accept any applications) I welcome anyone to apply to it.

[ https://www.semper-vigilans.org/perscom/application/start/ ]

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