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Mass Effect Legendary Edition


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Anyone else slightly excited about Mass Effect Legendary Edition? I played all the originals as they were released, so unfortunately there isn't anything new or surprising, but the games were super fun when they were released and I'm several hours in to the first one now.


Speaking of Mass Effect, anyone played Andromeda? Most of the issues I read about said something about the face animations messing up...I saw that, but frankly it didn't throw me off, what got me about Andromeda was the story in general was hot garbage. I mean in the original trilogy we had one galaxy with multiple species identified and portrayed. In Andromeda we had like 2...Just really impacts the "believability." The mechanics where okay, IMO but the story was more than lacking.


For me, up to this point I had played mostly FPS almost exclusively, Mass Effect really impressed me with all the information and the Codex and such that BioWare had put into it. It was one of the first "role-playing" games that I played and thoroughly enjoyed.


I'll be on XBOX Live for the next few weeks probably devoting some time to the series.


Anyone else love the Krogan? Really wish Andromeda would have been something relating to exploring more of the Milky Way Galaxy than trying to reinvent the wheel...Maybe they after having the Reapers come into the Galaxy and try and wipe out everyone BioWare didn't think they could get away with a smaller focused story....

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Keep in mind that your decisions matter and will carry over to other games. 

Do not get out of the Mako if you don't have to. If you are engaging larger enemies, like Thresher Maws, keep moving.

Investigate everything. When driving around planets try and stay toward the edge (you'll see a red like do not enter area) you want to stay just far enough away from that, that you can see it...this will allow your sensors to pick up pretty much anything in the search area. And collect everything you can, finding minerals will be one of the quickest ways to earn money.

Speaking of money, save it to buy the best weapon then armor you can. I use the assault rifle almost exclusively so I chose to upgrade that first along with my armor. If you decide to use something else like the pistol, etc upgrade that first.

That should be enough to get you going...lol

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