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Random Spartard Ran UEG's Downfall.


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Tales from Reach

This all started on a random morning on Paradiso, I was sitting on the beach facing the hangar. As we sat and discussed some minor problems with a modded map we had forged before me, ADM S Osman, MCPO John 117, PO2 Kelly 087 and NFA Hanson or CDR Hanson. UEG Fred joined our game and so did a bunch of randoms. 

Standing by the beach he was escorted for Blood Gulch beach to Paradiso and where we are. We left the compound while NFA Hanson went AFK there. UEG Spartard (I don't actually remember if it was Fred) plights to have an alliance, I didn't say anything to it and remember just watched waiting what Osman would say. She said no. Not surprised I badgered Fred about leaning on others and handicapping his own clan. Going back and forth Fred was convinced that Osman was on his side. 

She looked at him, facing him she jumped forward over him and around to Ninja him. Out of the blue randoms started screeching in the mic and the host NFA Hanson who was in Hawaii and actually sleeping proceeded to kick them for waking them up. He later leaves to be briefed what happened in the game later. UEG Spartard kicked to the ground and now left at spawn where John and Kelly were in two Falcons in courtship, cursed ONI and Osman then left the game. 

His UEG a week later fell apart (again) to which we take no responsibility for however somehow I feel the unmotivated leader from fallacy arguments and being assassinated by the one person in the community at the time that is known for having everyone do things for her, further defeated the outlook he had for the future in his own version of an unification of clans.

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Assistant Special Agent in Charge

Assistant Special Agent in Charge


I vagulely remember this. But UEG definitely fell because of how short sighted the leader was which I do remember pointed out to him on Paradiso. 


To be very honest Shawn, there have been multiple clan leaders I have done that too. For no better reason then knowing I can get away with it.  

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