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Shyway SH/SA Allegations


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


So for those of you new, Shyway is a content creator and castor for Halo with a deep passion for Halo since Halo 5: Guardians. He entered the scene charasmatically and very outspoken as a castor easily and quickly becoming a favorite because he's new and witty where the dry humor and boomer Halo sentiment stays with the current casting squad. HCS and Halo has greatly moved forward since he joined to explain concepts pros do, going into detail with breakdown videos on YouTube and expanding out towards other opportunities. 

This past weekend was a HCS Major tournament, the last of its kind this year. You can imagine it took the community by surprise when they announce the castors working for HCS and did not include Shyway. 

Now, where OSINT succeeded Shyway went to Twitter to answer and deflect any allegations of misconduct. Tashi than tweets the code of conduct for HCS and that all must follow it. 

This built tension that something had happened before a few on Twitter were told of what actually happened and vocalized their opinion on Twitter. 

The culmination of all this led to Twitlongers, a gross misconception of Twitter.  If you can't voice your opinion over the platform in allotted words it simply shouldn't be said in my opinion but I digress. I am not copying and pasting the entire Twitlongers but here are the 3 characters of interest. 

  • Alex Hope http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss4vpf 
    This is Shyway, I can't summarize it but he isn't sharing what exactly happened and does not seem to be too interested in rebuilding a relationship with 343 Industries with the lack of accountability, responsibility and overall verbiage towards witchhunting who made the allegations and deconstructing it vs. apologizing and moving on; 

Their is a dangerous suggestion here that an allegation is all it takes for you to be "kicked" from HCS but one should consider if this is an official employment typically an investigation did happen with conclusive evidence - myself and ONI as a community aligning with the publishers values and the community's at large, its important to trust the studios and people involved that they know what to do, which is subsequently terminating Shyway from all HCS/Halo 

  • Jenn | eUnited · @Lady_Echidna http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss50ji 
    Unfortunately she has made a disingenuous joke towards Porn with EUnited, but this shouldn't discredit her voice. As an entertainer it should be an expectation that even in poor taste and judgement she is looking to humor people and bring engagement to her brand. Having known her and her community for a little while what most people say about her and in response to this is very misinformed, we also do not know if it is her or another person that made these allegations. I can only wish Jenn used her platform better and really looked to climb higher in Halo, but already working with EUnited is a great opportunity and well, lets hope Halo gets bigger and better. 

  • CommandStation http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss50uh 
    Ally is a favorite here with ONI, and she dated Alex/ShyWay while her Twitlonger is not as important I'm going to include it for anyone who might be worried. If she reads this, we all wish her here to get a higher placement and succeed in her endeavors. A sick joke was made about her as well at HCS Orlando at one of the stations to play but I won't cover that. 


Repeating what I said in yellow aligning with the publishers values and the community's at large, its important to trust the studios and people involved that they know what to do, which is subsequently terminating Shyway from all HCS/Halo. They must have some real evidence, its indisputable that 343 Industries despite its track record with games in the public court of opinion still has one of the best working environments and is always growing to be better under Bonnie and now Pierre. While many will challenge me on that, this topic is about Shyway and as passionate as he is for Halo he shouldn't be allowed to work in or around it anymore.  

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