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Glatix's Guide to Giving Grades to Games


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


This is a repost from our Enjin site 

The question of "Should I buy this game?" is asked on a daily basis. So, how does one decide what to buy, and what not to buy? I typically use the following point guide to determine whether or not I should get a game:

0-49 F: Nope
50-59 E: Probably not
60-69 D: If it's on sale for 50% or less
70-79 C: If I've got extra money to spend
80-89 B: Buy on release
90-100 A: Preorder

Always start your scoring at 70, and work your way up or down based on the scoring factors.

Scoring Factors:
+20 Multiplayer
+10 Story-based
+10 1st-3rd game in the series
+10 Fan of the series
+5 Spinoff of liked series
+5 AAA title
+5 Sandbox mode
-5 4th game in the series or higher
-5 Disliked previous title/titles in the series
-5 no multiplayer
-10 Online Only
-10 pre-order more than $60
-10 RNG loot or other pay to win system announced
-20 DLC announced before game release

Questions to consider when buying a game include:

Do I have friends to play this with? (Multiplayer Games)
Do I like the lore of this game?
Are the reviews of this game positive?
Is it worth buying for full price, or should I wait for a sale?
How many hours will I sink into this game before I never play it again?
Have I played a demo of this game?
Have I seen actual gameplay of this game?
Is this game a genre that I like?
Is this game made by a reputable company?

I hope this has helped all you gamers out there!

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I have a different way of doing this but some of the things are similar to what you have for example the grade system or point system. For me, I start out with 80 points and if there is a negative review or the story base isn't that good enough I'll remove one to two points from the system. If I still have my 80 points or 70 points then I'll buy the game but for anything lower than 70 then I'll have to consider it. It might sound bad or something but I tend to make things a little more strict but that is just what I choose to do.  

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Although, I do use this system towards many games. However, I still perceive games as its own game of patience.

Let me explain: If I have a game scoring an A (using this template), I still wouldn't buy it - most of the time.

Instead, I would wait until a Youtube video comes out to see if it's enjoyable and a game I would play by myself and with others; not just with others.

Still helpful for those who are indecisive.

Agent Nyx

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