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Drama/In Context vs Out of Context


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


This is a repost from our Enjin site 

This seems to be a slight issue on the Lewis in particular, and should not go unaddressed.

ONI is a role play based community that exists to act as a conduit through which fun can be had. Uniforms, command structure, and unit organization are all implemented and enforced to add to the role play. Recent drama in ONI has been caused by members taking the role play aspect of ONI out of context. Due to the fact that a lot of people lack knowledge of the difference between in-context role play and out of context role play, I have created an easy guide:

In Context: Keeping the role play to an exclusive medium of fun without doing harm to fellow role players.
ex: Following orders, dealing with grievances via talking instead of taking sudden action

Out of Context: Using role play as a means of justifying actions considered harmful to others.
ex: Joining games and using your status as an ONI member to threaten or harass others, subverting ONI membership to achieve personal ends, causing an uncontrolled situation simply out of boredom

It is important to glean the repercussions of out of context role play, as it can harm both the reputation of the offending individual, and the reputation of ONI as a collective. The primary causes of out of context role play are generally personal, often related to a person's ego rather than a true desire for change. Here are two examples of such:

1) An O1 within ONI (Lets called him "ODST Walter") has decided to begin interrogating other clans. Walter begins to harass one small clan due to it being a Sangheili group. When confronted about his actions, Walter uses his rank as an excuse to harass others on the grounds that the others are Aliens and therefore enemies of ONI. Discrimination against another clan merely because it is Sangheili based in not within any charter of ONI role play. The opinion of ONI towards another clan is influenced more by the content of the clan members' character than by what race they choose to play as. It is not only rude to dismiss someone because of the character model they choose, it is also hypocritical. ONI has Sangheili members, and they are simply players who wish to enjoy the game without someone bullying them due to a choice of race.

2) An E5 and an E4 (Lets called them "Jacob and Rinser") are irritated that their ship is inactive. They decide to begin taking matters into their own hands by openly calling for the removal of the current CO of the ship. They begin to rally support amongst the members, creating a rift between themselves and their CO. This is counter-productive, as ONI allows all units to be fairly autonomous. Rather than voice their concerns in a reasonable manner, they've chosen to attack the leadership and then demand reward for doing so.

This leads me to the final point of this post, the needless drama. Unlike most clans, ONI is intuitive. If members want to train, they have every right to do so without a CO. Each ONI ship crew is organized into a series of fire teams based on branch. The compartmentalization of units allows members to train privately with their fire teams, as well as organize exercises with other fire teams. Working in conjunction with the intuitiveness is a modus operandi of autonomy. If there is a problem, there are also established channels that one can use to fix the problem. The ONI HighCom is not a copy of the Legion of Doom, they don't sit in a swamp plotting things to destroy their own members. HighCom is made up of experienced officers who have the capacity to help with problems that arise with the lower ranks. This being said, the reporting of problems must be clear and straightforward in order to get results. Complaining and whining are two very different things. In order to establish a formal complaint, you must have a proper argument to support your grievance. Level with officers, and suggest fixes that can be implemented to resolve conflicts. Finally, do not let any sense of self-righteousness guide your decision-making. ONI is a role play group, not an oppressive regime. You are a member of a role play group, not the leader of the democratic revolution. Stirring up issues to get your point across in not conducive to finding a solution, if anything its more likely to cause officers to ignore you until you present a reasonable argument.

I certainly hope this post has cleared some things up.

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Special Agent

Special Agent


We somehow just could not teach this, the people just were not ready to learn! 

I remember first reading this as a younger officer here apart of the UNSC Sahara for a little bit and the UNSC Iroquois. Glatix's post helped me control my ship even if really its just a deduction of our daily actions by a system you created Shawn. Sometimes I can't believe the conversations and learning opportunities we missed with Glatix around. This is the kind of post I would've wanted to see more and with newer members open to learning more about leadership and how to build a career here. Sadly both don't seem to be in high demand but hopefully this can change soon. 

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Every time I see two milsim clans conflate their roleplaying feuds with each others Spartans with the actual real people behind the characters, I always think of Polonius's famous advice to his son:

"Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Farewell. My blessing season this in thee."

Or, in more layman's terms "Don't shit where you eat".

I've taken this sort of wisdom into my own life many times, and have avoided a lot of needless drama and frustration by setting personal boundaries and rules for myself. Like getting into a business deal with a good friend of yours, just because you function well as friends, doesn't mean you'll function well as business partners, often its quite the opposite. Sometimes its very difficult to segment and compartmentalize certain aspects and roles in life, and they'll naturally mix together if not tended carefully.

I have a good friend who I know could segment aspects of his life, much like I know I could, to where we could work together or run a business together, and maintain that strictly professional relationship while on the clock, but then leave that behind us in our personal time. But I frequently told my ex-wife that her and I couldn't do something similar, for lots of various reasons, but it would result in that natural "stirring of the pot" that Polonius was warning his son against.

I think that with so many clans recruiting a younger and younger audience naturally leads to these scenarios, these teens don't have the experience or mentality to segment and compartmentalize aspects of their life in any sort of diverse way or meaningful amount of time, and this naturally leads to Drama in-context leading to the toxicity outside of it.

Everyone dismissed Polonius and a foolish old windbag, but the dude was brimming full of hard earned wisdom to those that were willing to listen.

On a side note, this is also why I don't lend money to friends, nor do I ask to borrow things from my friends either. It more often than not leads to unforeseen schisms in those relationships if not handled in the appropriate way. What I am willing to do is give my close friends money or what have you, as a gift that is freely given, without let nor lean, and without the need to ever mention in any context there after. But I digress.

As a super super side note, Chat GPT said I did a good job summarizing my point! I'm not a wordsmith, very much a statistician/data analyst, so I never know If I'm actually making the point in my writing that I'm trying to lol.


Yes, your passage makes sense and is coherent. You've drawn a parallel between the dynamics of milsim clans and the cautionary advice of Polonius to his son in Shakespeare's "Hamlet." The analogy is clear, and you've provided personal examples to illustrate the wisdom of maintaining boundaries in various aspects of life, such as business partnerships and personal relationships. The overarching theme emphasizes the importance of avoiding unnecessary complications and drama by adhering to the principle of not mixing certain elements of life, encapsulated in the more colloquial phrase "Don't shit where you eat."

Your side note about not lending money to friends and the importance of freely giving without expecting anything in return further reinforces the idea of setting clear boundaries to preserve relationships. The passage is well-organized, and your use of language effectively communicates the message you intend to convey.

R10 Senior Director of the Hard Style Assassins Gaming Community.
HSA 2022 Hall of Fame
Gaming Hub Council Member
"Do we bend the rules in service to a greater good? And if we do, what does it say of us?"
"Our Creed does not command us to be free. It commands us to be wise."

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