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The Title Complex/A Summery on Voidists


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


This is a repost from our Enjin site 

Prior to reading this theory, please note that the Title Complex does NOT apply to all Title holders. There are many instances in which a Title holder simply enjoys roleplay/likes the title for reasons beyond their ego.

The Title Complex is a condition observed by the community in which one uses an expressed title in an attempt to raise themselves above others. Examples of titles holders include (but are not limited to):

-SIs (Orions)

The Title Complex likely spawns from an innate desire to feel special among the ranks of other troops. Unfortunately, this Complex tends to lead those who hold a title to a self indulgent place in which ego matters more than fun or creativity. Spartans and Arbiters are generally among the most petty in this regard. Many a time have I encountered an SII or Arbiter who attempted to use their self-proclaimed prestige to influence others, and who became irate when they were not placed above normal troops in terms of priority. This being said, I have begun to notice a pattern in Title holder behavior. I will use a personal example:

When working in a clan called New Haven Guardians (as a moderator), I encountered a Spartan II named Otto. Otto told me that he was conscripting Spartans for Haven. Curious as to the nature of the program, I asked for an invite. Otto refused on the basis that his training was classified to non-conscripts. I went to Haven leadership and they told me that no such classification had been established. Luckily, ll Corvus ll (a good friend of mine) was in the first class and was able to elaborate on what was going on. The Conscripts did parkour training and the occasional bout in matchmaking (a regiment like any other), but couldn't discuss the nature of their training with outsiders. My curiosity piqued, I asked for more reports from Corvus, and learned that Otto claimed that he was working for ONI (perhaps a smaller ONI clan). After I directly questioned Otto about this, he told Haven leadership that I had threatened him, and attempted to take all the SIIs he had conscripted (and recruited) from Haven. The majority of the Spartans left with him (with the exception of ll Corvus ll, Nickt75, and ODST LONGSHOT). According to sources within Exodus and several "bloodlines" of Sangheili, similar situations occurred with their title holders. It is worth noting that Otto attempted to return to Haven about two months after leaving (as did the Commandos of Exodus)

While each Title holder typically has slight variations in interaction with others, the general pattern is as follows:
1) Title holder is trained by existing Title holder (or is self-proclaimed)
2) Title holder trains recruits and isolates them from the main body of a clan to insure singular loyalty
3) Title holder creates power bubble regardless of rank
4) Title holder oversteps their rank, and responds quickly by leaving the clan and taking as many recruits as possible
5) Title holder realizes that their self-proclaimed prestige cannot survive in a group where everyone holds a title, and will attempt to enter a new clan, or re-enter the host clan

While still in a host clan, Title holder behavior will follow one of two paths: Isolated Discipline or Stature of Disregard.

-Isolated Discipline: Title holder group will conduct themselves in a mature and disciplined manner around clan members. However, they will only follow orders given by the head trainer (head conscriptor in the case of Spartans). SIIs are most often among this group. They use "hand signals" (specific movements such as spinning, tea-bagging, and weapon swapping) to communicate privately during clan events.

-Stature of Disregard: Title holders perceive themselves to be independent of clan authority, and lack regard for even basic rules. They use their titles as a means of justifying a lack of discipline and will respond harshly to any specific orders given (as they see it as a challenge to their title). A good example of this would be the Exodus Commandos.

While variations exist between the behavioral groups of Title holders, there are three separate and distinct kinds of title:

-Earned Title: The Title holder has done something to receive the title (like 9 months of conscription). These title holders typically have the skill and discipline to back up the prestige they desire.

-Yearned Title: The Title holder wanted the title, and got it. The yearned Title holder is likely self-proclaimed, or went through very little effort to obtain their title. These title holders are (strangely) the most frequent offenders in terms of calling other title holders fake. This is likely due to a desire to cover up a lack of effort in gaining their title.

-Roleplay/Void Title: The Title holder is well aware that their title has no meaning given the void of the Internet. They use the title for roleplay purposes, and not an attempt at an ego boost.

A final interesting piece of this theory is a reference to Voidist philosophy:

Voidist philosophy (in terms of Halo Community Voidists) centers around the undeniable fact that nothing on the internet matters, like in a Void. Voidists are lesser known in the Halo community due to a legitimate lack of caring about their renown (as doing otherwise would go against their own philosophy). Voidists seek to have fun and refuse to be bound by rules and statuses that cannot be proven or enforced beyond a reasonable doubt (such as titles). Voidist philosophy can easy be attributed to the Transcendentalist perception of life. The only established ideals are the ones that can be enforced and proven. Thoughts, titles, and rules without such backing are inconsequential in the big scheme of things.

While Voidism doesn't seem to be related to the Title Complex, two actually exists as two sides of the same coin. Title holders place value on their titles because it earns them prestige. Voidists may hold titles, but are aware that the title has no meaning.

Here is a good example of differing perspectives:

Li goes through conscription A with conscriptor A. Conscriptor A was trained by Orion A back in Halo 2. Orion A was a "first generation SI".
Otto goes through conscription B with conscriptor B. Conscriptor B was trained by Orion B in Halo 3. Orion B is self-proclaimed.
Fred is self-proclaimed.

Title holder perspectives:

Li is real because his line is traceable.
Otto is fake because his conscriptor was fake.
Fred is fake.
Li might be real.
Otto is real because he went through a 6 month conscription.
Fred is fake.
Li is real.
Otto is real.
Fred is real.

Voidist perspectives:

Li is fake because the parent company of Halo has never deemed him worthy of the title, nor did they deem his conscriptor worthy of the title. Without a real-life anchor to establish the title, it doesn't matter.
Otto is fake because he was not granted the title from real life source either.
Fred, like the other two, is fake because self given titles do not matter on the internet any more than passed down self-given titles.

The only merit that can be used to establish a true title must be anchored in real life. If the person conducts themselves in a manner fitting of the title (as so few holders actually do), more people will validate the title as deserved. However, if the person is petty and accuses others of being fake as a means of protecting their own title, it is unlikely that their title will hold sway beyond the ranks of other Title holders. A non-Voidist Title holder who has no bite to their bark is typically no more than a person with the desire to be a special snowflake.

Epilogue: For those that have read this theory (whether it made you cringe, laugh, think, or swear vengeance), this is likely the first of many. Whether you disagree or agree with some/all of my theory, I thank you for reading.

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Field Agent

Field Agent


Oh the beauty in it all. Everyone is going to share the same fate: start early, be a Spartan, hate it or have an ego, leave the community forever.

I don't like those who say they're a "real Spartan" because they're "literally fake" and I only care if you're not as good as you say you are. Just be happy as yourself; even though people perjury thyself.

Your favorite Sunray

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