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Archetypes of Roleplay IIa: The Spy


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Reposted from Enjin, Originally posted by Glatix 

A spy is an Agent that a clan utilizes for subversive tactics against their enemies. Spies are used for a variety of tasks, including:
-Gathering information
-Manipulating/destablizing other factions
-Countering other spies
-Assassinating hostile leaders
-Spearheading operations

Spy culture exists in a variety of social structures, with the most prominent being the multi-stage development of an intelligence network.

Intelligence Networks

These are developed by spies over time and have a variety of different stages to their development:

Stage 1: Infiltration

This occurs when a spy inserts him/herself within a group or organization like a clan. The spy will immediately ingratiate him/herself with their direct superior, as well as any other high ranking officers.

Stage 2: The Spy Ring

After establishing him/herself as a loyalist within a clan, the spy will either act as a conduit for more infiltrators (likely from their original clan), or will recruit disillusioned/unknowing members to assist them. Soliciting a traitor carries a significant risk, as the traitor might have loyalties to the existing regime. The safest route to go in this step is the utilization of regular members/officers through innocent questions. It is critical in this stage to not raise suspicion, as doing so will grind Network development to a halt.

Stage 3: The Contact Network

After gaining influence in a clan, a spy will reach out to members of other clans and begin asking questions about current events. This creates a network of contacts that the spy can use as an intelligence pipeline back to his/her clan. This stage will also feature the careful selection of members to be added to the spy's ring.

Stage 4: The Intelligence Network

When the lines of intelligence flow have been solidified, the spy will continue using the host clan to gather intel until he/she is either discovered or ordered back into his/her parent clan.

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I was a spy, many times; I had been most secretive and no one ever kept me up to date on their things so I was just sending constant messages to my CO and him/her not responding about it whatsoever. I was left to deal myself as a spy for many a time.

I often was a "double-agent" and did things between the two to see reactions and such: Just for fun. I always had one side, before that side falsified thyself in two of my favorite communities.

I never did anything to compromise anything but I was too good at my job. I had quit altogether.

Agent Nyx

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