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Archetypes of Roleplay IIb: The Patrician


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


The second most common of the Agent category is the archetype of the Patrician. Other names for this include:
-Political Adviser

A good analogy to use to describe the job of the Patrician would be the flip of a coin. One side, tails, lands face-down; the other, heads, lands face-up. The spy would be the tails side, because observers wouldn't be able to see that side of the coin. The Patrician would be the heads side, as any on-lookers would see what they believe is a person at face value. Patricians work in the open, establishing connections via open diplomatic actions. They are usually charismatic, straightforward people that have a background in negotiation. A good Patrician will represent his/her Patron Clan in a positive light, opening the doors to further increases in influence over other clans. Patricians also openly spread clan propaganda, and rally support for their clans.

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Field Agent

Field Agent


Who would've known that Agents within ONI were more than people who worked in the dark! So many people I've worked alongside always said "You're supposed to be out of uniform and gathering info as a random" or things similar to it. Good to know that more than myself can seek to it.

Your favorite Sunray

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