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Archetypes of Roleplay III: The Dictator


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


The Dictator is the clan leader that everyone loves to hate. A typical bad-guy in nearly every sense, the Dictator is brutal, unfair, and conceded.

Dictators are fairly easy to label due to a few common traits:
-Runs his/her clan as the sole leader
-Refuses to implement the ideas of clan members
-Restricts free speech within his/her clan
-Blacklists dissenting members
-Attempts to influence/control member's personal lives in some way
-Has the goal of controlling other clans
-Obsessive over his/her clan

Dictators tend to take role-play out of context, and develop some form of narcissistic delusion about their own power. They often choose to disguise this delusion by discussing "dreams of bettering the community". Dictators tend to come in two distinct varieties: The Tyrant and The Despot.

The Tyrant (Archetype IIIa):
The Tyrant is a Dictator that has managed to grab onto reins of power, and holds them rather tightly. These are focused, experienced individuals who focus on increasing their power or influence through constant displays of power (clan wars) and expansion (recruiting). They have a loyal membership (usually due to an abusive hold), and tend to reach the height of their power before a sharp decline (likely due to a war with a stronger clan or an internal revolution).

The Despot (Archetype IIIb):
The Despot is the arguable Kim Jong Un of clan leaders. Despots tend to be fallen Tyrants, or new community members with a thirst for power. Unlike their arguably more dangerous cousins, Despots lack the ability required to muster a large force. They typically demand much of their subordinates, without setting an example first. Despots can usually only manage smaller clans, and tend to hold the contempt of their subordinates.

A strong similarity between both Sub-Archetypes is the eventuality of a revolution. Whether the dictator is competent or not, their lack of willingness to allow their members to have certain expected freedoms will create a rift between those who are complacent and those who are not. When the latter gets fed up with the existing system, they will turn the dictator's clan against itself.

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I know this archetype extremely well, was in a PMC clan under one such leader for a number of months. Said leader is extremely infamous I later found out, but he had dozens of Xbox and discord alts, and changed names constantly, and how so many different clans simultaneously, it was weird.,

But I do find this dictator archetype happening more and more, especially with the advent of PMCs, and constantly fracturing groups that split into smaller and smaller split offs. Pretty sad really.

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Field Agent

Field Agent


I know another PMC that was established on Halo 5 who also claimed to be very known and "better than you ('anyone')". This PMC "Rebels" had a good leader with bad intentions and perfectly fits that of a Despot. He always had a way of talking that seemed to get other peoples attention but they're none the wiser.

I see this kind of "Despot" role being played more and more throughout many clans/PMCs and it irritates me due to everyone now wanting a sense of authority in the community because some person has a grudge or repugnance of another; for having an opinion.

Your favorite Sunray

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