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Glatix's Guide to Gaining Gaming Gravitas


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Clan politics exist side-by-side with all manner of roleplay groups. Like a common game, politics within clans can be played, as well as won or lost. To understand how to play clan politics, one must first grasp the Roman Political concepts of Auctoritas, Dignitas, Pietas, Bona Fides, Potestas, Virtus, and Gravitas. These three concepts can be used to define one's place in the power spectrum of any clan.

Auctoritas is vested authority. This is power glean from established rank and position within the clan. The Auctoritas held by a person is clearly defined, and the powers and responsibilities associated with a person's Auctoritas are as well.

Dignitas is a practice in Charisma, and is crucial to any power play. The Dignitas held by someone is a measure of how many people see him/her in a friendly light.

Pietas is perceived loyalty to a regime or power. Pietas carries influence that varies based on person-to-person loyalty within a clan. If a person has high Pietas, Loyalists and ruling powers will look kindly on them, but they may gain the scorn of disillusioned members.

Bono Fides goes hand in hand with Dignitas, and exists as measure of personal good will.

Potestas is similar to Auctoritas, as it is a reflection of power based on objective rank. However, Potestas is more of a measure of influence of other ranks than of actual rank.

Virtus is the way a person is perceived by his/her associates/peers. The higher the Virtus, the better people's lasting opinion of a person will be.

Gravitas is the final and most important aspect of political power. Gravitas is the weight held by a person's words, and can be effected by all the previous concepts. Having a high Gravitas in a clan is not an easy task, but achieving such a status makes any political action easier.

Step 1: First Impressions

Whether entering a clan with good intentions or sinister motives, first impressions are important to any long-term goal. Avoid being annoying through actions like screaming, cursing, getting angry, singing, breathing loudly, or making other unnecessary noises. Keep a calm, reserved tone and avoid acting in an aggressive fashion. In any clan event, be disciplined and follow orders. Do not attempt to stand out or speak bravely, let your actions speak for you.

Step 2: Interaction

Be truthful about your skill sets, and be willing to prove yourself. Avoid pestering higher ranks through requesting missions or training, and ingratiate yourself with them instead. Allow opportunity to prevent itself, and take initiative within the clan.

For example: If a means of getting promoted is recruiting, do not avoid doing it simply because it is out of your comfort zone. Any action taken that benefits the clan will be noticed by higher ranks.

Step 3: Independence

After your actions have garnered enough respect from your fellow members, take careful steps to show your worth as an independent thinker. Find an officer that you disagree with, and debate with them. Do not allow the debate to grow hotheaded, or you may lose progress. Instead, utilize valid points and objective thinking to sway them. Even if they do not agree with you by the end, you'll have a reputation as logical person.

Step 4: Bona Fides

Having proven yourself a free-thinker, you will be noticed by the higher ranks. They will be looking for a sign of deviance, show them a good member instead. Go out of your way to assist your fellow members with practical problems, such as forging maps and filling lobbies. This will benefit your reputation, and convince higher-ups of your loyalty.

Step 5: Dignitas

You've shown your stuff, and your fellow members trust you to help in times of need. Use this trust to further develop relations through things like sparing. Have 1 on 1 sessions with people and be sincere in talking to them. Discover their likes and dislikes, as well as their opinions of other people. Getting to know people in the clan will create loyalty among your clan members. Start with lower-tier members and work your way up. Avoid prying for information, let those you become friendly with reveal things to you on their own. Become a confident, keep secrets, and make those with whom you speak feel safe around you. Do not criticize them for their beliefs, and be careful what you say about people.

Step 6: Auctoritas

Your caring visage, whether real or fake, will eventually allow you to make friends with the higher ups. Be careful about who you associate with, some officers might not carry a high Dignitas, and associating with them might harm your Virtus. Allow higher ranks to come to you about things, and do the same with them as you do with other members. Do this with a certain number of higher-ups and you will begin moving up through the ranks.

Step 7: Reinforcement

Use your position to achieve what others cannot. Keep being a trusted friend to those under your influence, and avoid making enemies of those with more pull than you. Avoid letting your ego make any decisions, and do your new rank proud. This will encourage the leadership to further move you up the chain of command.

Step 8: Influence Policy

When you've achieved a leadership role within the clan (especially as a division head), you've reached the peak of your Auctoritas. Do not go for any higher ranks, and deny promotions. This will make you seem modest and sincere. Project the image of a person who is satisfied with their role in the clan. Now comes the pay-off for what was likely weeks of hard work, your now hold influence over a number of members. Through your actions and benevolence you've led those around to believe that you have good intentions, which makes their threshold for resisting your ideas significantly weaker. You may now influence clan policy through strong argument and a slew of supporters. In all likelihood, you can use your position to further your experience within the clan.

What you choose to do with your new power is up to you...

Step 9a: Continue as Usual

Use your Gravitas to make the clan a better place. Organize events and maintain relationships with friends.

Step 9b: Displace Your Rivals

Use your Gravitas to manipulate those around you. Gain more say by ousting other leaders from power. Rally support from followers and publicly call them out on their mistakes in front of your followers. Use officers that you have influence over to spread your ideas, and even act as campaigning puppets against the rival leaders. Never directly engage another leader, coerce other people into doing so while you play the part of the supportive but saddened leader. Ensure that you are seen as the voice of reason in the conflict, and use this to condemn your target.

Step 10b: Overthrow the Leader

Even with political rivalry eliminated you still aren't satisfied. You require absolute power over the clan. Rally disillusioned members against the regime and orchestrate failures on the part of the leader. Undermine their authority by encouraging them to make impossible promises and fight unwinnable battles. Eventually someone will spark a rebellion, and will splinter away from the old regime. This is when it will be time to shed your loyal shell and take on the visage of a war hero. Hijack the revolution using your influence and take your place as the clan's new leader.

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