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Glatix's Guide to Groups of Gamers


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer

It's a well documented fact that most gamers congregate into groups as a means of increasing their enjoyment via social interaction. This being said, groups of gamers can be classed into radically different categories. In this guide, we'll be going over each type of group in detail.

The Social Club

Not to be confused with Rockstar's Social Club, this is a smaller group of friends who simply drift from game to game with no specific play style. Most gamers belong to a group like this, as the casual environment often leads to a fun session with some close friends.

The Competitive Team

Competitive teams comprise huge portions of nearly any community. They most often crop up in shooters and "MOBAs". These teams can range from smaller groups to large gatherings, and are brought together on a basis of skill, with the shared goal of moving up through the leader boards of any game. These teams focus on the competitive aspects of gaming, and play often to facilitate this focus. Fun is not necessarily a factor inherent of these teams, but a competitive spirit often fosters a high proficiency at a given game.

The Clan

Clans are often separated from other groups due to role-play being an inherent factor. Clans are groups that focus on forwarding a unified narrative, as well as interacting with one another in a simulated community. Clans often have established hierarchies and ideologies that further guide their narrative. While competitive aspects can exist within clans, the primary focus tends to be role-play.

The Guild

A Guild is group of gamers dedicated to seeking gain. Guilds often surface in games where loot is commonplace, such as MMOs. Guilds are fairly simple in structuring, and typically place sole focus on "leveling", often utilizing group grinding to do so.
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