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Empty Threat of SAS


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


This is a repost from Enjin by Glatix

SAS is not skillful to any significant measure. While its true that they utilize the spread of misinformation, they do so against their best interests. In many clan community hubs (such as "The Halo Clan Community" discord server) they make ridiculous claims like "having spies in 25 different clans". The group has thus far only proven themselves competent at perpetuating petty rivalries using their YouTube channel.

SAS further specializes in making "KIA" videos in which they join military clans and then assassinate leaders or use spies to take raid bases. They will often fabricate "contracts" from nonexistent groups to serve this end. They claim to have extensive clientele, but typically act on their own as a means of getting attention for themselves. All in all, it is easier to dismiss SAS as a troll group than to regard them with any measure of actual concern.

One of the only redeeming factors of SAS is their persistence. They go out of their way to forward their lies to the extent where it becomes maddening. There is even a case of them using a demo of Photoshop to create a Reach Custom Game roster that featured members of rival clans in a "meeting map" together. However, SAS forgot that adobe demos feature the Program's Adobe logo in the bottom corner. To this day they claim that the picture was altered by Exodus to discredit them.

The only other subject of note regarding this group is their strict adherence to their role-play narrative. They utilize call-signs like (and I wish I was joking) "Golden Eagle".

SAS is not a threat to ONI, or any group with at least semi-competent leadership. They tend to fall on their own sword far too often to be taken seriously as an intelligence agency. Finally, and this likely goes without saying, they post their most "classified" operations on YouTube. One can glean every aspect of this group simply by watching their videos, or by reading their posts of Discord. It's almost as if they are trying to parody an actual intelligence agency, as any performance by SAS is laughable at best.

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