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What it takes to get Hero rank


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Field Agent

Field Agent


With the new rank system in halo many people are grinding to get the max rank in Halo. Below are some commonly asked questions about the ranking system.

How do I rank up?: Tons of XP.  The more XP you get the more you rank up.

Will my rank reset?: This is your career rank so no matter how many seasons go by your rank will always keep going up.

Can I lose ranks?: No like stated before ranks can only go up.

How many ranks are there?: There is a total of 92 ranks. 90 of the ranks are split into 1 of 6 categories. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Onyx. Then the other 2 ranks are recruit and Hero. REcruit is what you are if you get 0 xp and Hero is the rank you are if you pass Onyx rank.


Now for the XP Breakdown. This XP breakdown only goes through how much XP it takes to progress a full stage (15 ranks) not a single rank.

Bronze: 0 xp

Silver: 115,350 xp

Gold: 358,100 xp

Platinum: 874,350 xp

Diamond: 2,059,350 xp

Onyx: 4,336,850 xp

Hero: 9,319,351

These are some big numbers but in comparison to the other games this is one of the shortest grinds. Now if you where to get roughly around 2000 xp a game which is kinda of hard you would have to play 4660 games to get to hero. With all this said happy grinding and may the best spartan reach Hero first!

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


Sub 5,000 games is actually not a bad grind at all. I just wish they did more ranks and combine the already existing playerscore players have adding it to the rank. They could have scaled the ranking system based on who has the most playerscore already but instead its a haphazardly dwarfed system. 

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