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Halo Reach MCC Role-play Clans

ADM T Fujiwara

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


I really can't get behind the idea of sitting in a lobby doing nothing, its just counter productive to me. I don't think people value their time enough if they sit shouting orders to random people who join the game. To me its an abuse of the custom game browser and I look forward to 343 Industries filtering out both the social lobbies and recruitment lobbies.

We need to bring back clans in Big Team Battles hold it down and recruiting that way. Especially on Reach where the search restrictions are almost non-existent. You can really get cooking in that game but deranged leaders rather read you a "rules of engagement" document asking you to lower your weapon before approaching a base on a random map they didn't make. Its good content for trolls though, they just set themselves up too easy for it. 

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Field Agent

Field Agent


My ideals on it are futile upon those who "have power". Nonetheless, this system used by "the community" to "identify" Spartans and ODSTs is completely dumb: Let me explain.

The system was for those who have a file 'to be legit' and 'an actual spartan'. However, they never actually have a use nor are they good.
It's not only outdated but extremely dumb: The files can be faked plus it doesn't go back far enough to have the " real conscriptor" and be "real".

Hereby, the system is flawed and nobody is technically "real" because of the idea that everyone had to come from any "Gen 1 Conscriptor". So, to this extent, people can be anything they want to be: Just like the Gen 1s. Therefore, everyone and no one is fake: It's upon who see's another person fit to be a Spartan with the skill or attitude - same with CINCs and Directors.

Your favorite Sunray

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