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Halo Combat Evolved 22 years later


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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


If you told me where would I see this game 22 years later I would have never thought it be on PC included in the Master Chief Collection with its spirit and armor set available in Halo Infinite, much less mods of entire campaign levels remade and reintroduced to the PC community. 

A core memory of the game I never had; 

Shawn, a twelve-year-old with eyes aglow, sat perched on the edge of his bed, controller in hand, immersed in the world of Halo: Combat Evolved. The soft glow of the TV screen cast a warm ambiance in his room as he navigated the enigmatic landscapes of Alpha Halo. His excitement palpable, Shawn's fingers danced across the controller, fully engrossed in the adventure.

Seated nearby, his best friend, Mike, watched with equal fascination. The duo had been waiting for this gaming night for weeks, and Halo was proving to be everything they hoped for and more.

As they ventured through the campaign, Shawn's jaw dropped at the breathtaking graphics and the captivating storyline. The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack added another layer to the experience. Mike, sharing in the enthusiasm, offered occasional words of encouragement, their excitement bouncing off the walls.

The pivotal moment arrived when they uncovered the entrance to the Silent Cartographer. Shawn felt a surge of anticipation as the colossal structure came into view. The unfolding story, with Cortana's holographic interface revealing the mysteries of the Halo rings, held Shawn in rapt attention.

Wide-eyed, Shawn turned to Mike, "Dude, did you have any idea about this part? It's like a movie or something!"

Mike grinned, "Right? Keep playing, it gets even better."

Guiding Master Chief through the Silent Cartographer, Shawn felt a sense of discovery and wonder. The revelation of the ancient race, the Precursors, and the significance of the Halo rings left an indelible mark on his young gaming heart. It wasn't just a game; it was a journey, and the Silent Cartographer became Shawn's secret passage into the vast universe of Halo.

Years later, whenever the familiar strains of the Halo soundtrack reached his ears or he caught a glimpse of Master Chief's iconic green armor, Shawn would fondly reminisce about that night in his bedroom—the night he unraveled the secrets of the Silent Cartographer and fell in love with the expansive world of Halo: Combat Evolved.

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