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Certain Affinity Lay Offs 25 Employees

ADM S Osman

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Assistant Special Agent in Charge


Certain Affinity, which has worked as a support studio on games including Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, New World, and Hogwarts Legacy, has announced that it is laying off 25 employees, representing roughly 10% of the studio's workforce.

Word of the layoffs came in a message from founder and CEO Max Hoberman (via Eurogamer), who said it was the first time employees at the studio have been laid off since Certain Affinity was founded in 2006. Hoberman said the game industry as a whole has faced "unprecedented challenges" over the past year, and that multiple factors played a role in the decision to let people go.

"Most significant is an industry-wide slow down in the funding of new lead and co-development projects and the reluctance of third party investors to fund games or game companies," Hoberman wrote. "This has made it exceptionally difficult to sign new work or secure other forms of funding."

Employees being let go will be given severance pay and "benefits continuation," Hoberman said. "We are also making their vested awards under our Stock Equity Plan portable so they may benefit from the company’s success in the future."

Rumors surfaced in May 2022 that Certain Affinity was working on a new game mode for Halo Infinite, codenamed Tatanka, that was reportedly a battle royale and that at one point had close to 100 developers working on it. That project was never formally announced, and in January 2024 multiple sources said Microsoft had pulled the plug on it.

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