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Xbox Unrecognizable from Xbox 360 Era

VADM A Reaves

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Field Agent

Field Agent


I can agree but also attest. Sure the community and it's devs have been awful recently. However, we've actually gotten good games and some hope for new commodities.

Xbox has gone down a rabbit hole and needs to get its head out of-you know what.

All things said, I hope it doesn't die so we don't have to move to PC or PS.

Your favorite Sunray

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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer


I mean, have you seen what Game Pass is as a concept? 

It is as revolutionary as Netflix's idea and service model to stream movies instead of using DVDs like Blockbuster did. 

The subscription based model (not that Xbox Live wasn't already) coupled with accessibility to more games and tools to make games just brings us to where we are today. Don't think its good or bad, though I will say it is a grave decision and the direction of Xbox isn't so friendly to both console gamers but also the modern family. I want to add and say something about how our current society in the year 2024 has prioritized but don't want to detract too far from the thread. Families don't sit around and play on the console, or shared console and that couch co-op splitscreen experience moved on to a greater more ambitious thing that has not been adopted yet. 

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