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Hood and Osman's relationship

ADM S Osman

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Assistant Special Agent in Charge

Assistant Special Agent in Charge


In Halo: Hunters in the Dark pg.34-35 it details that Osman has an odd relationship with Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood; she recognizes that Hood is wiser and has more experience than her, but Osman worries that Hood may formulate solutions to problems that she could not solve. For this reason, Osman never openly questions Hood's involvement in ONI issues.

What do you think this stems from and is there any improvement following the events thereafter on Rossbach's World. 

Rossbach's World is one of several short stories in Halo: Fractures: Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon. Written by Brian Reed, it follows Serin Osman, Black-Box and Terrence Hood during and after the events of Halo 5: Guardians in October 2558. 

In late October of 2558, Cortana, who had been restored within the Forerunner Domain and had come to believe that the Created were the true inheritors of the Mantle of Responsibility, began to unleash Guardians to enforce the Mantle among all the galaxy's species. Having anticipated her imminent assault on Earth, Black-Box acted swiftly to ensure that at the very least, Serin Osman and Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood would be able to get off-world. After he secured himself with the rest of the military AIs at HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6, he informed Osman to collect a briefcase addressed from one Commander Spartan Rossbach and evacuate from Sydney. Osman followed his instructions and then proceeded to the top of the HIGHCOM tower with Lord Hood, where Orzel, a Spartan-IV, awaited them with a readily automated Prowler. Just before their Prowler jumped safely to slipstream space, Serin witnessed a Guardian disable the UNSC Plateau over Sydney and feared if the Plateau's engine core detonated when it hit the ground that the city would be destroyed.

After a series of random slipspace jumps, the Prowler arrived on an uncharted planet where a wooden retreat was well stocked for their long stay. After a few days of settling in the cabin with Orzel and Hood, Osman opened the briefcase which housed nine chips containing the secured HIGHCOM AIs, including the newborn Sankar AI and Black-Box. After activating Black-Box through her datapad, Osman learned that they were on Rossbach's World, a secluded planet discovered two years prior and named after BB's shell personality. After Black-Box revealed that he secured the other AIs before they had a chance to join the Created, Osman was left with a choice to make, whether to destroy the military AIs or not. In the following weeks, Serin stalled on making a decision about the AIs inside the briefcase. During one early morning, she took the briefcase with her on a jog through the nearby forest and soon pondered about taking the proper course of action. She then contemplated whether she should destroy the AIs to prevent them from disclosing any military secrets to the Created, decide to recruit them as Dr. Catherine Halsey had once done for her and the other Spartans, or speak with each of them and grant them the choice of joining Cortana.



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Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer

On 1/21/2020 at 3:50 AM, Alexander Reaves said:

Tough crowd, should add the tag or something to show that it is a Spoiler Alert before I open the thread. 

In any case I don't know why we don't have a Spartan Orzel in ONI. But Orz looks like a person bowing so it's probably for the good of anyone's genuine character. 

Irrelevant, haha. Funny but uhm. Irrelevant. 

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