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Enlisted Stories #1

Harry Cramb

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Resident Agent in Charge

Resident Agent in Charge


Once upon time when i was but a little ol' enlisted i recalled back when i was hosting a training and we had a certain character called SIII Robert 269 (the gamertag im not to 100% on but it was something along those lines) this was also ironically our junior officer Tsar x Halo's first day in ONI

It was a complete normal training everything was going smoothly until the last combat exercise when someone screamed "praise allah" as they ran towards the point they needed to capture. Immediately this character robert lost the plot and started screaming i had to end the exercise early to see what was going on. He was rambling on how he disapproved of what someone said and wanted them disciplined and i asked what was said (he explained what was said) and then i asked how does this affect you? and he said " My uncle was in the army and fought in Iraq" and i said that is lovely my mum, dad and uncle were all in the military too but yet i am fine with this. He continued to flip out left and took it straight to osman and shawn... where me and Elias had to explain what happened and then osman implemented a ban on that phrase or anything similar to avoid future transactions (on meriwether), this of course was for the best. Robert left after this making everything he cried about pointless. 

To this day robert was one of the hardest individuals i had to deal with in a training session. I find it funny though how something so small can expand so quickly but it seems that happens alot these days. Myself and tsar reflect back on the day every so often and laugh im sure if Elias was here he would too.

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